What Are Promotional Gifts Selection Mistakes?

Faced with more and more forms of promotion, gifts homogenization is getting worse, end users consuming more and more rational, promotional gifts into numerous errors. So, what errors are specifically promotional gift options?
Myth: the lower the price, the better
Promotional gifts is through complimentary means, to spread brand awareness and product, consumer, customer by gifts to remember the product or corporate image. Businesses want customers or potential customers at a time when seen in promotional gifts, have a positive impression, in order to achieve sales.
But many companies are choosing promotional gifts, are cheap cheap, as long as the gift will get recognition, in fact, that is not the case. China's consumers ' rational consumption continued to rise, that is, if the promotional gifts you choose when the value is too low and the emergence of product failure, so quite a few clients on the business of a skeptical, even with all the company's products and services. Since it is a free, Enterprise cut costs but also to shop around, product quality must be guaranteed, and choose to let your customers truly satisfied with the gift.
Myth: think the promotional gift is LOGO promotional language
Common promotional gifts on the market today, is nothing more than printed a corporate trademark, and some promotional language. This promotional gift ideas too blunt blunt, intentions clear, the lack of the effective communication of emotion, not heart. But also intimacy cannot be established in the minds of consumers, nor closer relationships between businesses and consumers.
In the gift (packaging) company LOGO printed on, this is the most traditional way. However, this LOGO gift market in expansion, but not more eye-catching LOGO, bigger fonts, can have huge repercussions. Therefore, the LOGO should be good at "hiding" but without losing the publicity, promotional gifts that has real value.
Myth three: mistakenly think promotions bigger is better
When choosing promotional gifts, many companies often choose to have the largest promotional gift, think it will have a higher awareness, and achieving better communication effects. But is this really the case? The content must not be too much of a promotional gift, from the packaging to the product, inside and out are surrounded by commercial sales, will make consumers, customers, and even throw it in the trash.
In General, the promotional bit size maximum of gift volume of one-third, but there are special circumstances, can be modified according to the actual situation. All in all, promotional size should not affect the aesthetic principles of the gift, but also need to pay attention to the color of the overall mix, promotional language and gifts better integration without intruding or weird. Where you select a relatively bold or emphasis, you can attract the consumer's attention, achieve a spreading effect.
As the key to emotional, a suitable promotional gift, you can meet your company's marketing goals, involving thought, in a low-cost way to help your sales. Only to avoid misunderstanding of promotional gifts selection, choose the really good gifts.