Traditional Ornamental Gift Market Is Weak

Traditional ornamental gift market malaise, reconstruction of the market makes perfect sense, for truly high quality gift exclusion to create selling opportunities. On one hand, short term does make high-end gift market is shrinking, low volume frustrated on the other, are truly the more practical gift on stage play, before the crowd overly pompous, bubble, gift guide is more reasonable, gradually into a normal healthy and steady state.
In China, demand gift is very demanding. Prices, features, packaging and so on, requiring a high level of indicators, that harsh deformities. Experts believe that, now, high-end gift market downturn is already a reality, and related industries return to normality, developing more practical gift is a long-term plan. This is high-end gift market challenges and transition opportunities, gift market will return to its true.
Many buyers have sniffed out the import gift business opportunities, international trade long term transportation, cumbersome, quality supplier is the key scarce and relatively high cost per unit of product, is difficult to guarantee profit margins, so a lot of people have this idea. Repeat the spell is price, and differences in spelling is vision. Pay more attention to the practical function, attention to design and quality and exquisite packaging, before it can become the leader in the gift industry.