There Are Many Types Of Speakers

Speakers commonly known as speakers, is an electrical signal can be converted into sound of the electro-acoustic devices, audio systems is an important equipment. As one of the electroacoustic transducers that convert electrical energy into acoustic energy, the quality and characteristics of the loudspeakers play a decisive role in the sound quality of the entire sound system. There are many types of loudspeakers, Speaker according to their conversion principle can be divided into electric (ie, moving coil), electrostatic (ie, capacitive), electromagnetic (ie reed), piezoelectric (ie crystal) , The latter two are used in cable broadcast network. According to the frequency range can be divided into low-frequency speakers, intermediate frequency speakers and high-frequency speakers, which are often used in the speaker as a combination of speakers. According to the diaphragm shape, mainly tapered, flat-shaped, dome-shaped, band-shaped, thin-shaped, etc .; according to the frequency of sound, can be divided into subwoofer, midrange speakers, tweeter, full-band speakers.

Speaker type and characteristics, 1. Professional speakers, mainly refers to the film, stage, hall, sports venues and other places of the speakers and speakers, professional speakers and its system has also been a lot of development, have been launched in recent years A variety of speakers and loudspeaker system, the world famous speaker manufacturers Eight Immortals, Speaker which makes the speaker to accept the power capacity increases, such as tweeters diaphragm using aerospace titanium, the use of titanium diaphragm tweeter, subwoofer using laminated high density Composite cone, in the professional sound reinforcement in the long-term use of the index horn speaker has been a new type of directional cylinder

Professional speaker

Mainly refers to the film, stage, hall, sports venues and other places of the speaker and speaker box. In recent years, with the introduction of new materials, new technologies, new construction, new technology, Speaker the development of digital sound technology, digital technology, CD and VCD, professional speakers and their systems have also been carried out, Emerges. They are distinctive features, to accept the power, are more than 200W; high efficiency, generally in the 98-100dB; Professional audio equipment.

In order to achieve the above characteristics, the world famous speaker manufacturers Eight Immortals, the supernatural powers. The main approaches taken are the following. First, Speaker the use of new magnetic data, the use of new magnetic circuit design approach. Such as the SFG magnetic circuit design used by JBL, which includes magnetic flux equalization, reducing the drive source inductance and heat conduction of the new structure settings. The use of magnetic data of its magnetic energy accumulated more than 3.6MGsOe. This allows the speaker to accept the power of the capacity increases, the reproduction bass strong, there is strength. Second, the use of new information, such as tweeter diaphragm using aerospace titanium, due to titanium metal E.P partner information superior, Speaker suitable for the manufacture of high-quality treble diaphragm. The use of titanium diaphragm tweeter, high frequency has been a larger extension, power capacity has also been greatly improved. Professional sound. The subwoofer uses a laminated high density composite cone. Voice coil with flat wire, due to flat line duty factor, magnetic field gap application rate, can achieve high flexibility. The technology created by the JBL company, other major companies have to follow suit. Third, Speaker the use of new horns, in the professional sound reinforcement in the long-term use of the index horn speaker has been replaced by a new type of directional cylinder. The key technique of the directional horn is that the horn uses a different shape of the sidewall, because the past simple linear, exponential into a complex, discontinuous function to reach a constant directivity. Professional audio equipment. Fourth, the widespread use of computer CAD, CAM and CAT technology, the application of modern technology to explore the potential of traditional speakers, professional speaker products icing on the cake.

2. AV speaker speakers

Mainly refers to the speaker for the family of high-fidelity sound system, karaoke karaoke, dance halls and home theater sound system speaker speakers. AV speakers in recent years has been a lot of development, new products emerge from time to time. The world's major speaker companies have introduced a variety of ways AV speaker speakers. They not only have advanced technical performance, but also from the application of appearance, improve flexibility, expand the dynamic range, broaden the playback frequency Speaker band and good transient response and other technical features. Common two-way speaker speakers: with an 8-inch rain or 6.5-inch subwoofer with dome tweeter. As a loudspeaker in the middle and low frequencies, the loudspeaker unit is requested to have an open piston vibration range without splitting vibration to ensure the desired directivity and phase characteristics. Professional audio equipment. Speaker Companies rely on enthusiasts to pursue the request for bass, and have developed dumbbell speaker speakers, with two 8-inch or 6.5-inch subwoofer between the folder with a dome tweeter, designed to enhance the bass. Three-way speaker speakers: in the two-way frequency of the base to add a midrange unit, the advantage is the application of the unit's piston vibration band, reduce distortion, improve power for love. AV speaker Another significant feature is a good leak-proof magnetic properties, the magnetic circuit must have a magnetic shielding design, to ensure that does not affect the video image. Professional sound.

Today, the prevalence of multi-dimensional plane sound and home theater system refers to the theater's audio-visual effects in the ordinary family show, surround sound is one of the local, and is very important local. Now the prevalence of surround sound in the market is roughly divided into two kinds, one is from the early "four-channel" evolution to the Dolby directional logic surround sound; DSP surround sound is to use digital processing technology to imitate different space (such as A cinema, concert hall, etc.) sound effects. This request front, center, rear indicator speaker sound to be balanced, pointing to the ideal. Electro-acoustic engineers for the progress of the performance of AV speakers to stop the unremitting efforts, through the system design, Speaker experimentation and imitation and other wrist, from time to time to explore the mysteries of the AV speaker world, to ensure that the sense of hearing on the basis to ensure that the objective parameters of the speaker Occupy the important and necessary position. Representative products, the speaker speaker system includes front main channel, center channel, surround channel and subwoofer total of 7 speakers. Front main channel with two 200mm woofer, two 127mm midrange unit, a titanium ball dome unit and trumpet tweeter. Use the horn tweeter in the form of a movie. Films in the form of the use of horn tweeter, watch the music when the use of titanium diaphragm dome. Playback sound quality design is very comprehensive, multi-channel sound balancer and 7-channel sound quality equalizer, the application of digital technology in the smaller family space to create a magnificent theater sound.