The Tip Of The Pen Has A Thick Note

Pens and pen more suitable for practice than the pen, but also has a certain collection value. Good pen and soft, while a slight sense of damping, and neutral pen hard and slippery. Specifically to get started after their own experience to know.

Pens because the ink structure is more fine, so the pen ink to add more to prevent the formation of ink residue, so as not to block the Mexican ink out of the ink channel and the water is not smooth. It is necessary to use a pen-specific ink.

Select the pen to see if the pen tip is smooth and smooth, which can be tested by the test pen, the new pen dipped in ink on the paper to write some strokes and Arabic numerals 8, Pen such as the pen tip does not pull the paper, even water, then the pen tip is smooth and smooth Of the requirements. Pen pen tip with the thickness of the points, practice the word should be slightly thicker pen some pen. If you need to write a small pen word, you can choose the pen on the note "special" words pen writing.

How the pen is constructed

1, the structure of the pen, the pen has the following components:

1.1, pen tip - is the writing part of the pen.

1.2, pen tongue - support pen tip, the top of the slot and the flow channel is stored in the function of conveying ink.

1.3, the pen - is the main connection of the pen, connecting the pen tip, pen tongue, pen Nang, pen, so that the pen into one and the formation of the use of function.

1.4, pen Nang - is the storage of ink parts.

1.5, pen - is the place to write the word.

1.6, pen cap - is to protect the tip, Pen to prevent the ink evaporates dry function. Another pen cap with a pen hanging, so that more convenient to carry.

1.7, the general pen is mainly composed of the above parts, there are some pen to increase the suction pipe and steel water absorber, so that more convenient water.

2, the characteristics and use of the pen:

2.1, easy to carry, easy to use writing.

2.2, writing clear, do not fade, Pen can be used to write a variety of materials.

2.3, can write all kinds of documents, is an essential tool for office.

2.4, can do painting drawing tools, engineers, Pen artists are essential tools.

2.5, is people can not do without life, learning tools.

The pen is used correctly

① gold pen tip to use positive writing, iridium pen tip to write a long time will become thick, you can write on both sides.

② ink should be fixed grades, for another ink, should be cleaned and then sucked.

③ the skin tube to always keep the ink, do not increase the air, Pen which led to water too fast or water leakage.

Before using the pen:

1, rotary pen

a. Clean the inside of the pen.

b. squeeze the ink with hot water. (Specific practice: soaked with hot water)

c. Separate the tip with hot water. (5 minutes)

d. Remove and wipe the tip.

e. Assemble the pen and use it after 5 minutes.

1, tube (that is, hand squeeze)

a. Clean the inside of the pen.

b. Remove the pen back cover.

c. Place the pen tip in a cup with hot water and cover it for 10 minutes. (Note: water can not be too hot, otherwise hot hose!)

d. Remove the lid, pinch the hose from the back of the pen, Pen and lift the ink in the hose at the 3 mm position of the water.

e. While the pen warm state, can be filled with new ink, you can use.