The Speaker Plays A Decisive Role

Speakers commonly known as speakers, is a set of audio systems indispensable important equipment. All the music is made through the "trumpet" sound, for people to listen to, appreciate. As the only equipment that converts electrical energy into "sound energy", the quality and characteristics of the loudspeaker play a decisive role in the sound quality of the whole sound system.

Speakers in the car audio system, the importance of more prominent, to show an excellent tone and positioning sense, the number of speakers and its layout is very important conditions. Speakers and effects: In the car audio field, people have been pursuing such an effect, sitting in the car like sitting in front of the stage, all the sound is from the windscreen of the past, close the eyes, as if the scene of the concert. Speaker The sound of each instrument can achieve the best replay effect. This is what we usually call a professional-grade fi (high fidelity high-fidelity) effect. To achieve the ideal fi effect, the key is to achieve the same source synchronization and the magnification of the signal frequency. This is not a difficult thing for home speakers. Speaker Because of home Audio high school low-frequency units are placed in the same fixed box, and all music signals are amplified by the same amplifier, the magnification ratio is easier to achieve a good balance of tone.

But the car stereo is different, because the installation location of the limitation, the subwoofer unit is usually only installed in the rear luggage box, the middle bass unit can only be installed in front of the door, the treble unit is generally installed near a column. Speaker The effect is likely to be heard only in front of the treble and from the back of the bass, while the alto part is weaker.

In addition, for different units of amplification and power requirements are different, car audio generally can only take a number of amplifiers to drive the loudspeaker (many design low-frequency part of the need to be amplified by multiple amplifiers), so the tone balance is difficult to achieve an ideal level. Speaker There are many factors involved in solving these challenges, and the number of speakers and installation is one of the keys. The number of speakers can determine the distribution of the point of sound, more fine, less rough.

The number of loudspeakers in general premium cars is larger than that of ordinary models, the installation position of the loudspeaker often affects the sound quality effect of the car stereo, the same pair of speakers will produce different effect in different installation position, Speaker so the installation position of the stereo horn of the middle-grade car can be determined after various tests. Through the number of speakers plus the correct installation experience and skills, the correct handling of different frequency and width horn installation position, maintain its good directivity, and compatible with the power amplifier for technical adjustment, and finally get good results.

The installation arrangement way directly affects the fi effect on the professional point of view, the fi effect with excellent tone balance can be achieved by the front sound effect (the sound effect feeling front), the Sound field localization (the different sound source locates accurately in the sound field), the spatial sense (the bass resounding effect to the acoustics space feeling), the replay effect ( Sound reduction fidelity effect), audio-visual effects (timbre, timbre and picture quality effect) and other aspects of the examination. Good sound field positioning (STAGING) is mainly determined by setting the tweeter in the front of the cab and setting the alto unit around the cab. Because the human auditory system mainly relies on the frequency part of the sound wave to reach the left and right ears to locate the sound source. The treble speakers installed near a column and the Alto speakers installed in front of the car door can only achieve coordinated frequent matching to form a coherent sound source. At the same time, Speaker considering the location of the audience, the sound angle of the loudspeaker is also based on the different circumstances of repeated calculation, accurate adjustment, the only way to make the car stereo to achieve a good sound field positioning. So the layout of car speakers is very important to the sound and auditory effect of the car.