The Practicality Of The Pen

Pen market quietly to achieve contrarian growth, not only steady growth in sales, the major brands are also online on the line to expand sales channels. In the technology and the Internet gradually change people's lives today, the pen's properties are no longer the past simple writing function, in addition to practicality, Pen fashion and collection of pen is the value of the existence.

Practical faction

At present, the practicality of the pen is mainly reflected in the two purposes, one is for the use of primary school students, the other is used to write diaries,

Primary school students practice the word is generally used in the lower price of domestic pen, Beijing Business Daily reporter found in Taobao, hero pen has a lot of students series of products, 9.8 yuan of the old students dedicated pen, there are 20 yuan hard pen Calligraphy dedicated pen, Pen this type of pen has a common feature, the pen holder material is plastic, color selection, pen

How to write with a pen, which is a certain method, a certain law, pen writing pen is the most critical is the severity of fast, simple and bright. The method is as follows:

1. From the simple, light and clear. Writing pen with a pen, pen from the pen simple and quick, pen on the line, to the end of the collection. But in order to obtain fine, Pen the requirements of light and clear. The so-called "light", that is, less force, strokes more light; the so-called "heavy", that is, slightly larger, more heavy strokes. Strokes from the reception with the severity of the slight changes in the thickness, it can produce Smart charm.

2. There are slow and slow, there are slippery astringent. When writing a pen with a pen, you can not run the pen evenly, but there should be quick and slow, Pen there are urgent and slow, in order to make the writing of the lines have smooth and hard and astringent stagnation of the ingenious changes, resulting in different texture.

3 straight round, hardness and softness. To write a lively, full of personality strokes, it is necessary to write strokes have a straight, there is a back, Pen there are light and heavy, there are rounds, the force to avoid hard stiff. So that the strokes to write hard and soft, with flexibility.

4. coherent echo, look radiant. To write the word to write, write the lines of writing can not be pen isolated from each other, but with the ups and downs of the pen to make up and down the pitch, left and right stare, coherence, so that all strokes become organic whole. Only the blood of the same, the word have vitality. This is an important factor in writing skills. In the specific writing, different fonts have different requirements. In the case of italics, the strokes of the strokes are required to contain the implied meaning.

    In short, to write a pen word, first of all to write a stroke, to write a stroke, we must grasp the correct method of pen; to be good at controlling the size of force, control the speed of the pen, pay attention to the strokes of the straight coherent, , And so on, resulting in jumping, rhythm and rhythm of the United States, to create a rich and varied, with a modality of the brush image, get a better aesthetic effect.

Pen sub-suction ink and disposable water type two. Disposable water-based pen is easy to use, but lacks elasticity and is not durable. There are two types of ink-type pen: Exposed pen is more suitable for practicing calligraphy. Pen pen tip making materials are divided into gold pen and according to gold pen, gold pen price is higher, most people practice calligraphy with gold pen can be. In the purchase of the pen, the main look at the pen tip, pen tip does not draw paper, the water is smooth and no water, Pen the pen tip for the movement of ink, there is a certain flexibility of ordinary pen is appropriate, as pen pen pen is secondary.

Practice pen calligraphy, ideal for carbon ink. Carbon ink coagulation strong, water is not, easy to long-term preservation, and the color of black and shiny, black and white contrast is strong, there are John ink of interest. At present, Beijing's Huadu carbon ink and Shanghai's 214-type carbon ink is better. When used, immediately after the suction of the bottle tighten the cap, to avoid oxidation of ink, water evaporation and precipitation. Ink should be placed in a cool place to prevent ink deterioration. Ink grades are not mixed use. In particular should be noted that the use of carbon ink to write immediately after the pen sets, to develop habits, as long as the pen tip for a few minutes may make the ink condensation and poor water, especially the use of a longer pen, after a period of time, It is best to clean the pen once, cleaning the general use of warm water, Pen squeeze into the squeeze several times, and with a shaving blade to the pen tip in the light cut several times, and then use the waste toothbrush to brush the tongue up and down several times, Write, the water will be very smooth.

Practice pen calligraphy, generally with ordinary white paper can be. Beginning with regular script pen, can be used for calligraphy paper, screen posts available 289,359 writing paper. No matter what the paper, the principle is not rough, not ink, paper fiber evenly, there is a certain toughness is appropriate. Usually practicing words with paper, it is appropriate to use negative writing, in order to "astringent" into, until the foundation, and then positive practice. If you participate in the competition, exhibition, the use of fine texture of the drawings or copy paper, offset paper, copper paper, can get a better writing effect. Need to pay attention to. Do not write after writing, otherwise, destroy the effect of the work.