The Pen Is Durable

In daily work, study and communication, we almost every day to write. In the tools used to write, to count the opportunity to use the pen up. This is because the pen is easy to use, clean, fluent in writing, handwriting clear, long lasting, but also easy to carry, and therefore very practical. Writing a pen can not only improve the personal qualities, but also self-cultivation, people benefit for life.

Practice words are generally used pen, ball pen pen difficult to practice the word, with a pen to write the word can protect the wrist, Pen so write the word more beautiful, foreign pen to write English is also very good, in addition, the pen because of its only ink, Pen Disposable ballpoint pen is more environmentally friendly

Pen as a writing tool for Chinese characters, with a small size, easy to carry, easy to write, durable, easy to write the word fade and other advantages;

From the aesthetic point of view, the lines of the pen and the form of artistic expression is not as rich as the brush calligraphy, but far better than pencils, ball pens and other hard pen, because the tip of the pen pen flexible, write the same stroke, The severity of the points. A beautiful pen word, Pen the same can give people to enjoy the United States. Especially in recent years, with the popularization and improvement of pen teaching, the majority of pen calligraphy educators and enthusiasts in the teaching and writing practice, the pen of the brushwork, structure, rules and books, such as a useful exploration and Try to create a lot of excellent Kai, line, grass, Li, Zhuan five-style pen and calligraphy works. These works have the form, look, charm, mood and momentum of the United States, the formation of a rigorous structure, strokes echo, bones opened, tendons connected to the wonderful, Pen enhanced the appeal of the art of pen art, by the community widely praised, From a simple practical to the art of a big step forward.

Use the advantages of the pen word

1, practice words can improve the quality of individuals, Pen people think you have cultural connotations.

2, practice words can be self-cultivation, honing your will.

3, practice words help you in the post by the people favor.

4, practice words can enhance people's aesthetic.

5, good words will make you slowly know, benefit for life.