The Mouse Pad Surface Has A Special Texture

The main role of the mouse pad is to assist the mouse positioning, for the positioning of the higher requirements of the user, often willing to use a few hundred dollars to buy a high-end mouse, but ignored the mouse's best partner - mouse pad.

Used in conjunction with the mouse


Most of the mouse pads are made of rubber or cloth as raw materials, such products on the surface texture of the larger friction, Mouse Pad easy to move and locate the mechanical mouse, and the price is low, the sales in the market is very large. The disadvantage is that the feel is rough, not high precision positioning, and easy to dirty, easy to clean up.

In order to meet the new optical mouse, Mouse Pad there are manufacturers of glass, aluminum and other materials mouse pad, which is characterized by a special surface texture, increased light reflection sensitivity and feel, and easy to clean. However, its material will increase the mouse wear, and may have a slight sound when moving. Select the attention of the mouse pad when the surface is flat, Mouse Pad to reject some of the surface with burrs, texture, uneven products. But also pay attention to whether the product is easy to deformation, such as some products used in all raw rubber and thin, easy to use in a permanent bending.

What is the mouse pad?

1, the mouse pad surface has a small texture, help optical mouse to identify the movement trajectory.

2, the mouse pad texture is soft, you can reduce the bottom of the mouse wear.

 Mouse pad as the best companion of the mouse, before the mouse pad is only seen as a computer when the computer comes with something, it is a dispensable computer peripheral products. However, in recent years, Mouse Pad with the modern people's living standards and the continuous promotion of personal computers, people are increasingly aware of the mouse pad is also an indispensable computer peripheral products, Mouse Pad mouse pad and therefore more Consumer concerns.

Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of e-sports industry, e-sports peripherals as an e-sports competition in an indispensable equipment, they began to gradually be the majority of gamers attention.

  As the saying goes - to be good at work, we must first of its profits. Mouse pad and the mouse itself has a similar importance, Mouse Pad select a good mouse pad can not only use the mouse in the process of feeling the comfort of the mouse pad, but also make the mouse more accurate positioning.

The role of the mouse pad is to assist the positioning of the mouse, for the positioning of the higher requirements of gamers, tend to be willing to use a few hundred dollars to buy a high-end mouse, but ignored the mouse's most important partner - mouse pad. Face the hands of high-end mouse, Mouse Pad only with a suitable mouse pad to let it play the greatest performance, so choose a good mouse pad is necessary.

Although many users have realized the importance of the mouse pad, but with the current mouse engine technology gradually improved, the mouse more and more compatible, there are many users abandoned the mouse pad.