The Mouse Pad Surface Has A Small Texture

The main role of the mouse pad is to assist the mouse positioning, for the positioning of the higher requirements of the user, often willing to use a few hundred dollars to buy a high-end mouse, but ignored the mouse's best partner - mouse pad.

Used in conjunction with the mouse


Most of the mouse pads are made of rubber or cloth as raw materials, such products on the surface texture of the larger friction, easy to move and locate the mechanical mouse, Mouse Pad and the price is low, the sales in the market is very large.

In order to meet the new optical mouse, there are manufacturers of glass, aluminum and other materials mouse pad, which is characterized by a special surface texture, Mouse Pad increased light reflection sensitivity and feel, and easy to clean. However, its material will increase the mouse wear, and may have a slight sound when moving. Select the attention of the mouse pad when the surface is flat, Mouse Pad to reject some of the surface with burrs, texture, uneven products. But also pay attention to whether the product is easy to deformation, such as some products used in all raw rubber and thin, easy to use in a permanent bending.


You should also consider ergonomics when choosing a mouse pad. Some products just add a hand care only, which may reduce the fatigue of the wrist when used, but this is not really ergonomic products. Mouse Pad Buy the mouse pad mainly focus on its positioning function, do not spend more money for the function.

Mechanical mouse mainly rely on the mouse inside the wheel to move, some mouse pad texture design is not correct, the mouse will be very difficult to move in the above, Mouse Pad do not choose too thick texture of the product. For optical mouse users have a noteworthy problem, because the optical mouse is to rely on reflective infrared positioning, and the red surface of the infrared reflection ability is very weak, Mouse Pad optical mouse will become insensitive, that is, try not to choose the red mouse pad.

Mouse pad advantage

1, the mouse pad surface has a small texture, help optical mouse to identify the movement trajectory.

2, the mouse pad texture is soft, you can reduce the bottom of the mouse wear.