The Material Of The Mouse Mat Is More

The importance of the mouse pad

For FPS, RTS, the players of these athletic games, mouse pads and the mouse itself has similar importance, the use of a good mouse pad not only in the use of the mouse to feel the mouse pad to bring comfort, but also to make the mouse more accurate positioning, the most important thing is to let players play in the game more outstanding.

What is the material of the mouse pad?

Now the family has a computer, in order to facilitate and protect the mouse to buy a mouse pad is necessary. Some people say that there are too many kinds of mouse pads, how to choose? What is the best thing to do? Personally think that only suitable for unsuitable, Mouse Pad many mouse pad material is different, in the use of the feel is not the same. Users can choose their own type of mouse pad according to their material and comfort level.

First of all, we would like to introduce you to the mouse pad of several materials, the current mouse pad market situation, the mouse pad is roughly divided into glass, metal, plastic, synthetic, Mouse Pad cloth and some other material of the mouse pad, such as silicone material.

Cloth mouse Pad

It is well known that cloth mat is currently the most widely used mouse pad, mainly divided into traditional cloth pad and coated cloth pad two kinds. The difference between the coating pad and the traditional cloth is that the surface of the cloth mat is also a coating, which makes the traditional cloth cushion have the near-seeming smoothness of the resin.

All the advantages and disadvantages, Mouse Pad coating mat can not overdo bending, otherwise will be in the appearance can not restore the traces, and most people are criticized is the coating cloth pad life expectancy is also short, in the appearance of the coating after wear, feel will become very poor, even ordinary cloth pad is not comparable. The typical coating pad has a variety of Qpad limited editions (absolute meters) and steel mills 5L, as well as Radium Billiton's Mars.

Most of the cloth mouse pad is made of very fine cloth attached to a piece of rubber, Mouse Pad the back of the use of serrated star rubber to play a non-slip role. 2009 Zowie launched a waterproof cloth mouse pad, which in the cloth mouse pad products can be said to be unprecedented.


Cloth Mouse Pad Portability is very convenient, players in the outing or office users out of office, just need to roll the mouse pad into the bag can be, while the cloth mouse pad can also save the user the cost of the mouse foot stickers.

Plastic Material mouse pad products can be said to be in addition to the cloth mouse pad, Mouse Pad players use more than one, because too slippery or too astringent mouse pad for a small range of precise operation is not very advantageous, so rapid moving and accurate braking is often the opposite side of performance. At this time, the plastic material mouse pad product is a good compromise choice. Plastic Material mouse pad products are very smooth, control is also very stable, Mouse Pad in the positioning of the accuracy is relatively high.


Smooth smoothness, control stability, high precision positioning. Plastic Material Mouse pad product dirty After the direct water cleaning can be very convenient.

The mouse pad of metal material is processed by special process, the surface becomes even and meticulous, the mouse can easily move quickly in the above, it is very labor-saving, Mouse Pad long time use hand will not be tired.


The positioning of the mouse pad is also very accurate, cleaning is also very convenient, but also has wear-resistant, strong fear of falling, deformation and other characteristics.

1, the mouse pad surface has a small texture, to help the photoelectric mouse recognition moving track.

2, the mouse pad texture is softer, can reduce the bottom of the mouse wear.

Fabric material of the mouse pad: 1, silky soft, double layer of the fabric by high temperature and pressure after the processing of the texture more closely, so feel more smooth. 2, Mouse Pad the surface of the mouse pad positioning ability is extremely high, especially the mouse in its face when moving the real-time braking ability more excellent, so by the RTS player's hot. 3, on the surface of the mouse pad compatibility is very good, can be washed (the recommended wet cloth in its face can be wiped)