The Material Characteristics Of The Mouse Pad

The mouse pad surface has a small texture, help the optical mouse to identify the movement trajectory.

Mouse pad texture is soft, you can reduce the bottom of the mouse wear.

For FPS, RTS players of these competitive games, the mouse pad and the mouse itself has a similar importance, the use of a good mouse pad can not only use the mouse in the process of feeling the comfort of the mouse pad, Mouse Pad but also make The mouse more accurate positioning, the most important thing is to allow players to play in the game even better.

Mouse pad material of their own characteristics, hope to give you a reference.

Mouse pad material variety, mainly glass, metal, plastic, synthetic, cloth and other materials mouse pad, such as: silicone material.

1. Mouse pad material: cloth mouse pad

This is a relatively popular mouse pad products, the penetration rate is very high, low cost, the price is cheap, the production process is relatively simple, Mouse Pad a careful cloth stick to a good anti-skid rubber on the basic can come.

Cloth mouse pad is divided into two kinds, a kind of fine, one is rough, both have different feel and application: rough surface in the control of good performance, and fine surface in the moving speed has a good Performance; cloth pad advantage is durable wear, the drawback is that the mouse pad around the easy to open, Mouse Pad affecting the use.

2. Mouse pad material: plastic material mouse pad

This is in addition to cloth pad mouse pad, another more common mouse pad material.

Plastic material mouse pad than the cloth pad mouse pad much more smooth, use more smoothly, but now the plastic material mouse pad is gradually replaced by some synthetic material mouse pad. Plastic material mouse pad caused by smooth, stable operation, affordable and other characteristics, Mouse Pad the main disadvantage is poor wear resistance.

3. Mouse pad material: synthetic material mouse pad

In the feel better than the plastic, but the main choice is plastic, in its surface coated with some special materials, so that the mouse pad feel and positioning are higher than the plastic mouse pad. The surface of the special coating in the smooth side is no worse than the plastic material, but the price is higher than the plastic material, feel good, excellent positioning, Mouse Pad but the wear effect is not very good.

4. Mouse pad Material: other material

Metal material mouse pad is also popular attention, Mouse Pad but its price relative to the previous few to be much higher, the use of the material mouse pad crowd for the enthusiasts;

Glass material mouse pad on the market the most rare, less production, the price is more expensive. Glass material mouse pad in terms of performance, with the metal material is similar to its smoothness is also good, the appearance of more than other mouse pad more fashionable, but prone to break the problem, Mouse Pad carrying is not very convenient.