The Making Process Of Mouse Pad Is Simple

The main role of the mouse pad is to assist the mouse positioning, for the positioning of the higher users, often willing to use hundreds of yuan to buy a high-end mouse, but ignored the mouse's best partner-mouse pad.

Most of the mouse pads are made of rubber or fabric for raw materials, such products surface texture friction is greater, convenient for mechanical mouse movement and positioning, and cheap, in the market sales. Mouse Pad The disadvantage is that the handle appears rough, can not be highly accurate positioning, and easy to dirty, not easy to clean.

In order to cooperate with the new photoelectric mouse, there are manufacturers have introduced the glass, aluminum and other materials of the mouse pad, they are characterized by the surface has a special texture, increased the sensitivity and feel of light reflection, and easy to clean. However, its material can increase the wear of the mouse, and the movement may have subtle sound. Choose to pay attention to the surface of the mouse pad is flat, to reject some surface burr, uneven texture products. Also pay attention to the product is easy to deformation, Mouse Pad such as some products are all used raw rubber and thinner, the use of extremely easy to permanent bending.

When choosing the mouse pad, also consider ergonomics. Some products simply add a single hand, which may reduce the fatigue of the wrist when used, but this is not a real ergonomics product. Choose the mouse pad mainly focus on its positioning function, do not for the optional function of spending more.

Mechanical mouse rely mainly on the internal mouse wheel movement, Mouse Pad some mouse pad texture design is not correct, the mouse on the move will be very difficult, do not choose the texture too thick products. For the photoelectric mouse user has a noteworthy problem, because the photoelectric mouse is based on reflection infrared positioning, and red surface on the infrared reflectance is very weak, photoelectric mouse will become insensitive, that is, do not choose the red mouse pad.

Mouse pad material, Mouse Pad there are many kinds of market, roughly divided into glass, metal, plastic, synthetic, cloth and some other material of the mouse pad, such as silicone material.

Here, we focus on the surface of the mouse pad, it is a relatively popular mouse pad products, the widest range of applications. and the cloth mouse pad is the current market on the mainstream mouse pad products.

The surface of the mouse pad is mainly divided into traditional cloth pad and coated cloth mat two. The use of the crowd is very high, because the cost is low, the price is cheap, cloth pad production process is simple.

The surface of the mouse pad is also divided into fine and coarse surface, two kinds of feel is also different. Rough surface in the control of good, fine surface in the moving speed is very good.

The advantages of the mouse pad are durability, the disadvantage is four weeks easy to open, easy to start, will affect the use.