Physical Significance Of Stress Ball

Stress tensor is the stress component that changes size. Stress deflection is the stress component of changing shape.

Just like the plane under the polar coordinates, R represents the size, and theta represents the position. Can determine a point.

Here is the tensor. The stress that the force micro-element even changes the size is the tensor of the ball. The volume of the ball tensor is proportional to that of the micro-element. Stress tensor minus the amount of the tensor. The rest is the partial tensor. Pu Stress Ball Make the object volume unchanged, shape change

Physical significance of stress deflection tensor and stress ball tensor

The stress state of all sections on a certain point is called the stress states, the stress state is not a scalar, nor is it a vector, the stress ball is tensor, the stress ball is different from the vector, and it has multiple directions. It is generally expressed as a matrix S.

The matrix S can be decomposed into two parts: S=s1+s2, here, S1 is called stress tensor, and S2 is called stress deflection tensor.

S1 means that the average, Pu Stress Ball homogeneous tensile or compression of the aggregate from the total stress state causes only a change in the elastic volume and the shape is unchanged.

The S2 indicates that the shape of the object unit changes and the volume is unchanged.

In plastic mechanics, only the S2 part is concerned.

In conclusion, it is deduced that the state of stress is divided into 2 parts, some of which represent volume change, and the other part represents the shape change, Pu Stress Ball and according to the experiment and practical application, the correctness of the derivation is verified, so the stress deflection can indicate the deformation of the object.