Pens Are A Popular Writing Tool

Pen as a writing tool for Chinese characters, with small size, easy to carry, easy to write, durable, written words not easy to fade and other advantages;

The pen is more suitable for practicing words than the neutral pen, and has a certain collection value. A good pen is soft and has a slight damping sensation, while the neutral pen is hard and slippery. You know exactly what you're going to feel

Pen, which was widely used as a writing tool, was invented in the early 19th century, and the first batch of patents on pens was issued by the British in 1809, marking the official birth of the fountain pen. There are many kinds of pens and models. According to the composition of the pen nib, can be divided into gold pen, Pen Jingjin two kinds of ink, pen-specific, and art-stained pen, or signature pen, color pens. 、

Pen is a kind of pen writing tool which mainly uses metal as pen body, through the hollow pen dress up the ink (mostly black or blue), through the gravity and capillary action, then through the duck mouth type written writing, writes when the weight is different, may say is the Western calligraphy writing tool. Pen Most pens can be filled with ink, usually using small bottles or straws such as eye drops to fill the ink. The earliest history of the fountain pens dates back to the 10th century, when the earliest water pens were used until 18th century. Pen The development process was slow, but it was not until the beginning of the 19th century that a pen with a steady flow of acceleration was invented during the production process. Only 3 key inventions make pens a widely popular writing tool. These inventions are iridium-made gold-steel nib, hard rubber and free-flowing ink.

There are many kinds of pens and models. According to the composition of pen nib, can be divided into pen, Jingjin two kinds.


The nib uses the gold alloy, the nib is softer, the elasticity is good, feels comfortably. But the price of the fountain pen is more expensive, the nib soft, and bad master, beginners should not be used.

NIB does not contain gold, part of the nib gold-plated, nib is hard, but inexpensive, Pen is a beginner to write more appropriate tools.

The gold nib, the iridium nib is more durable than the steel nib, the secret is in the pen tip of the small round grain. This little round grain. This little round is made of iridium ruthenium alloy, Pen which is very hard to wear. According to the Shanghai Jinxing Pen Factory Experiment, if the gold nib and steel nib at the same time on the oil stone grinding, an hour later, the gold nib only wear 0.07 mm, and pen tip wear up to 5 mm!

Although the price varies widely, but the tip of the iridium is a special alloy "iridium, ruthenium" alloy! The reason why the smoothness of the difference is so much because of the grinding method and fine degree is different. So in a sense, Pen the fountain pen and Jingjin are the same. But the production of materials and feel different, which led to the price gap!