Non-woven Bags Get A Good Advertising Role

Non-woven Bag is a green product, tough and durable, handsome in appearance, breathable, can be reused, can be washed, screen printing advertising, the use of a long period of time, Non Woven Bag suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, gifts for use. Consumers in the shopping at the same time got a fine bag, and merchants to get the invisible advertising, the both worlds, so non-woven bags in the market more and more popular.

The main material of non-woven bag is non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric, which directly uses the polymer chips, short fibers or filaments through a variety of fiber forming methods and consolidation technology to form a soft, Non Woven Bag breathable and planar structure of new fiber products.

Non-woven bag with breathable, flexible, light, not combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic no irritation, rich color, low price, recyclable and other characteristics. Non-woven Bag series products rich in color, bright, stylish, rich style, wide range of environmental protection uses, beautiful and generous, Non Woven Bag patterns and styles vary, and light environmental protection, easy to carry, low price, service life than paper bags long, non-woven bags can be recycled, Non Woven Bag is recognized as the protection of the Earth's ecological environment products.

First: Non-woven bag has the characteristics of short process flow, high yield, low cost, rapid variety change and wide source of raw materials.

Second: Non-woven bags in the form of performance can have a variety of options; third: Non-woven bag with long service life, Non Woven Bag with the characteristics of automatic degradation.

Non-woven Bag can do the company's advertising bags, gift bags, can also advertise bags. To get a good advertising role. These companies can use the buzzword of ' environmental protection ' to make the company's brand agile. With the continuous differentiation of non-woven bags, these companies also have a new view of it. Non Woven Bag Seek to make a differentiation.

Non-woven green Bag Style description novel, Non Woven Bag can become a fashionable family of carry-on products.

Non-woven cloth reusable bags can be recycled use of this feature can greatly reduce our use of the cost of shopping bags.