Mouse Pad Useful

1, the mouse pad surface has a small texture, help optical mouse to identify the movement trajectory.

2, the mouse pad texture is soft, you can reduce the bottom of the mouse wear.

At the time of the mechanical mouse, a paddle with a moderate friction pad can help the ball in the mouse evenly and smoothly. But now are optical mouse, the bottom of a light emitting diode light, according to the mouse pad or desktop reflection back, Mouse Pad after a group of optical lens transmission to a light sensor device, recorded as a group of high-speed shooting coherent images, and finally through A digital microprocessor is analyzed, moving into a trajectory.

Optical mouse on the mouse pad requirements and the original mechanical mouse is completely different, in principle, the optical mouse needs high reflectivity, smooth surface of the mouse pad, reducing the light source of the diffuse reflection, but also reduce the friction when the mouse moves. For the enthusiast gamers, Mouse Pad the mouse is the hands of weapons, such as ALIENWARE TactX gaming mouse has up to 1000 DPI (per inch resolution), play games often need to make a quick rejection, point, sweep and other BT Action, smooth glass mouse pad is a good choice. Mouse Pad Look at a person is not a real computer Geek, do not look at the host, peripherals God horse, look at his mouse pad can be.

The mouse as a standard input device is essential, and with the continuous development of personal computers, its role is gradually over the keyboard. However, Mouse Pad a good horse needs to be equipped with a good saddle, a good mouse is not another, it is the best partner that non-mouse pad.

 The benefit of the mouse pad is to help protect the mouse from the use of the desktop, the use of the mouse will not damage the desktop. Can be limited to reduce the bottom of the mouse fragments of the accumulation, Mouse Pad thereby reducing the use of the mouse on the monitor frame on the phenomenon of effective use of the mouse to enhance the precise positioning of the use of various external factors to reduce the impact of the mouse pad. And the disadvantage of using the mouse pad is not to ensure the accuracy of the mouse positioning, as well as the bottom of the mouse pad wear too much.