Loudspeakers Are Known As Loudspeakers

Speakers are also known as "loudspeakers" (Loudspeaker). Is a very common electro-acoustic transducer, in the sound of electrical and electronic equipment can see it.

A speaker is a transducer that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. The audio power is vibrated by electromagnetic, piezoelectric, or electrostatic effects that vibrates the cone or diaphragm and resonates (resonates) with the surrounding air.

The speakers are divided into built-in speakers and external speakers, while the external speakers are generally referred to as speakers. Built-in speaker is the MP4 player with built-in speaker, so that users can not only through the headphone jack can also be built-in speakers to listen to the sound of MP4 players. MP4 player with built-in speaker, you can not use an external speaker, Speaker you can also avoid a long time with the inconvenience of headphones.

Speakers commonly known as speakers, is a kind of electrical signal into a sound signal transducer device, usually when we watch TV at home or listen to music, will sound the device is the speaker. The sound of the loudspeaker is such that when the electrical signal from the amplifier passes through the voice coil of the loudspeaker, the voice coil will produce an alternating magnetic field which, Speaker under the combined action of the magnet, causes the diaphragm and cone of the loudspeaker Produce vibration, Speaker and with the surrounding air resonance (resonance) and make a sound.

When the coil in the loudspeaker is energized, its coil will generate a magnetic field, and the coil will vibrate when it interacts with the magnetic field of the magnet, and the vibration will sound, which is simply the force of the conduction conductor in the magnetic field.

Speaker is the most widely used, it is divided into cone-type, Speaker trumpet and dome-shaped three. Here only the first two.

1, cone-type speaker

The cone-type loudspeaker is also known as moving coil loudspeaker.

It consists of three parts: ① vibration system, including cone-shaped cone, voice coil and centering tablets, etc .; ② magnetic circuit system, including Yongyi magnet, magnetic plate and field pillars; ③ auxiliary system, including pots Frame, wiring board, pressure side and dust cover and so on. Speaker When the magnetic field in the voice coil through the audio current through, it will produce with the audio current changes in the magnetic field, the magnetic field and permanent magnet magnetic field interaction, the voice coil along the axial vibration, the speaker structure is simple, bass full , Soft sound quality, bandwidth, but less efficient.

2, trumpet speaker

The structure of the bell-type speaker, which consists of vibration system (treble head) and the two parts of the horn. The vibration system is similar to the cone speaker, except that its diaphragm is not a cone, but a ball-shaped diaphragm. The vibration of the diaphragm passes through the horn (after two reflections) to radiate sound waves into the air. It's high frequency, large volume, Speaker commonly used in outdoor and square sound reinforcement.