Introduction Of Cable Production Process

The production process:

Can be divided into: ribbon, printing, assembly of three relatively large links, Lanyard each link there are other details involved, see the specific content below.

One, ribbon

1 Prepare the yarn.

For silk screen, if the customer asked the cable color is ordinary colors, such as red, black, etc., you can directly buy yarn and then ribbon; if it is not commonly used color, Lanyard the factory will buy white yarn, their own yarn And then ribbon.

2 around the barrel

The factory to buy back the yarn or yarn after dyeing, need to be wrapped around the ribbon for the ribbon machine. The factory machine is the iron ring, and buy the line is not suitable for direct fit on the machine.

3 webbing.

The workers will be around the line into the ribbon machine, the ribbon. In the ribbon, the general white is easier to dirty, so have a special machine to produce. After weaving, Lanyard then placed in a fixed place, the need to produce large goods , Can be used to use.

Some weave weave is flat, and some weave is round.

Second, the printing (Department of cable printing part is divided into two kinds: silk screen and thermal transfer two processes)

(A), silk screen process:

1 ironing.

Just weaving out of the clues, need to use ironing machine to iron, and then printing.

2 printing.

Factories in the real printing, the current more often used in two ways: screen printing and thermal transfer.

3 screen printing.

① The cable is fixed on the printing table, and there is a layer of primer on the table to fix the lanyard and prevent the cable from moving during the printing process. Lanyard The glue does not stick to the surface of the lanyard.

② silk screen version of the production. Technician to get the original logo, the first tracing, and then made the film.

"Film" is "Film" transliteration. Film is a transparent film, one side of the film called matte side, there is no film can be reflective. Matte side is not reflective, Lanyard if we have seen the traditional photo at the end of the know, the principle is almost, but the film base and film composition is not the same. The film is divided into four colors (CMYK) and spot color film film has four things like a slide stacked up into a complete color image, need to take the printing plate made into four copies

Screen printing is the use of photographic materials through the photographic plate method of making screen printing plate (so that the screen version of the screen part of the mesh for the hole, rather than the screen part of the mesh hole is blocked). Printing through the squeegee squeeze, so that the ink through the graphic part of the mesh transferred to the substrate, the formation of the same as the original manuscript. Lanyard Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, printing, plate making simple and low cost, strong adaptability. Screen printing applications Wide range of printed materials are: color oil painting, posters, business cards, binding cover, product signs and printing and dyeing textiles.

③ because it is through the use of holes through the ink printing, Lanyard so Logo will have a few colors to open a few screen version. Several different colors of the screen version constitutes a complete logo.

④ Fix the screen plate in a wooden frame and start printing. Each version uses the corresponding color of the ink, squeezing the through-hole part of the screen with a squeegee. Lanyard The printing table has obvious signs, the operator can know the movement The interval of the frame, the interval of each move is the same.

⑤ After printing this face, in turn stick to the table, began printing the other side

⑥ screen printing will appear incomplete printing situation, Lanyard you can see if you want to repeat the silk screen.

⑦ silk screen finished, the logo to dry.

(B), the cable of the thermal transfer process:

① heat transfer is a new printing process, imported from abroad, but more than 10 years time. The process printing method is divided into two major parts of the transfer film and transfer processing, transfer film printing using dot printing (resolution up to 300dpi), the pattern printed on the film surface, printed pattern rich, colorful, ever-changing , The color is small, good reproducibility, Lanyard can achieve the desired effect of the design pattern, and suitable for mass production; transfer processing through a thermal transfer machine a processing (heating and pressing) will transfer film on the beautiful pattern transfer in the product Surface, after forming the ink layer and the product surface dissolved as a whole, realistic and beautiful, greatly improve the product grade. However, due to the high technological content of the process, many materials are imported.

There are two ways in which the film is usually used: one is a roll type, one is a leaflet, and the paper is made by a professional factory to do this paper. The drum type is calculated in meters Single-style according to Zhang to calculate the calculation of a single sheet of the relatively cheap.

Roller: continuous paper, similar to the total length of a printed tether. The lanyard and roll colleagues roll, touch together, and then heat in the heat transfer machine, Lanyard the logo on the reel to The used reel is wrapped around the other.

Leaflet: For a sheet of paper, the factory needs to tie the cable and a sheet of paper on the good, and then together in the heat transfer machine to heat, the paper on the pattern directly printed on the cable. Lanyard and paper on the law, is to open a piece of paper, and then put the lanyard on the paper, the side of the line and the edge of the pattern and the size of the opposite, can not be biased, Lanyard and then together into the heat in.

Third, assembly.

1 clipping of the cable as the cable as a batch of silk screen, so after printing to be cut into a lanyard. Positioning generally there are two ways: one for the desktop to draw the corresponding line, The other is: in the silk screen when there is a mark .In this way, the operator using the wire power, according to the mark with a wire to pressure, the use of high temperature to make the cable heat dissolution. The

2 parts assembly.

For the sewing. Can be completed after the sewing line.