History Of The Invention Of Pens

owadays people's daily life study, can not be separated from the use of pens, which pen is a very like a tool, this tool to write a very beautiful font, the invention of the pen to make people very love, but also changed people's writing habits, then who invented the pen? Let's get to know the history of the invention of the pen. 

Pens are commonly used writing tools, which were invented in the early 19th century. In 1809, the British issued the first batch of patents on pens, marking the official birth of pens.

In the early pens, ink was not free to flow. Pen The person who writes presses the piston, the ink only then starts to flow, writes after a while to press again, otherwise the ink will not flow out. It is certainly inconvenient to write this word.

Pen is a kind of pen writing tool mainly metal as pen body, Pen through the hollow pen in the pen ink (mostly black or blue), through the gravity and capillary action, and then through the duck mouth-type writing, writing, the weight is different, can be said that Western calligraphy writing tools. Most pens can be filled with ink, usually using small bottles or straws such as eye drops to fill the ink.

Pen as a writing tool for Chinese characters, with small size, Pen easy to carry, easy to write, durable, written words not easy to fade and other advantages;

5 Advantages of writing with a pen

1, practice Word can improve personal quality, let a person think you have cultural connotations.

2, practice the word can self-cultivation, hone your will.

3. Practicing words will help you to be favored in your post.

4, practice words can enhance the aesthetic of people.

5, practice good words will make you slowly know, benefit life.

The benefits are obvious. Although the computer is now used much, but the treasure of the motherland can not be lost. Not only is the practice pen word, other words practice is also good. The benefits are 3:1, practice patience, practice perseverance, practice perseverance. It is not easy to write, but to practice well. Pen The students are practicing their words in the last few days. Can sit down, drill into, is the future of the big guy. With patience and perseverance, what can be done? The word, such as the person, has several layers of meaning: if the word is well written, people generally think that this person has a lot of knowledge. Good handwriting, no difference between the person. Good handwriting, this is at least a specialty bar, used in many places. Pen I heard there are places where writing and school grades are linked. With these, writing should be motivated!