Do Not Use Waterproof Bags At High Temperatures

In recent years, due to the use of mobile phones more and more popular, more and more widely used in life, most people everywhere can not do without mobile phones, waterproof mobile phone bags also came into being. Waterproof mobile phone bag openings have a sophisticated seal, Waterproof Cell Phone Bag in our view can prevent the infiltration of water, play a role in protecting the phone. And the market popular waterproof phone bags are mostly cheap, so attract a lot of consumers, then these waterproof mobile phone bags is not really useful? Usually, waterproof mobile phone bags for our mobile phone is able to play a protective role , But the key is to see how you use it? And depends on the quality of your choice of waterproof mobile phone bag clearance. Next, Xiao Bian to come to tell you about the use of waterproof phone bags in the process we should be how to make our mobile phone get the best protection?

First, pay attention to the use of time

Any product has its most appropriate use of time, which is usually what we call the "shelf life." Many products once more than its "shelf life" will be bad, Waterproof Cell Phone Bag the effect will be greatly reduced. So we use the waterproof mobile phone bags must pay attention not to be too frequent use, it is best to have a regular replacement, to avoid waterproof phone bags because of the time is too long and deterioration.

Second, make preparations before use

Get a waterproof mobile phone bag, first of all do not rush to put our expensive mobile phone into, you should first use a dry paper towel filled with waterproof mobile phone bag, Waterproof Cell Phone Bag and then buckle the button, into the water filled bucket inside, waiting for a period of time To test the waterproof phone bag waterproof. If you finally find the paper towel is not wet that waterproof phone bag can be trusted, this time can put the phone assured to it. If you find a wet traces of paper towels to prove poor water resistance, Waterproof Cell Phone Bag this time you can not put the phone into the slightly.

Third, choose high-quality waterproof phone bag

Of course, the most critical or waterproof bag choice, only the choice of high-quality products to the best for our mobile phone escort. Then the following Xiaobian to recommend to you several high-quality waterproof phone bags:

1, material, podragon waterproof mobile phone bag is very good, tpu material, Waterproof Cell Phone Bag seamless bonding process, tough, lightweight, feel good, cold and not afraid of hot days, waterproof level ipx8.

2, the brand, blue orange, Xin Dong Eslite, Tebo Leo, Oni Jie, Decathlon, Qi Cai Bei, Bingo and speed than Tao several brands of waterproof bags are more famous, the quality is better, Waterproof Cell Phone Bag the price Relatively cheap, the United States and the United States and excellent quality goods.

Waterproof mobile phone bag instructions

1. Do waterproof tests before using a waterproof phone bag and check for damaged parts, especially at the seal and around.

2. After each use, please check the mouth and seal, Waterproof Cell Phone Bag and to avoid a strong impact and scratches, do not use at high temperatures for extended use.

3. After use in water, if you need to remove the phone, please seal down, to avoid the residual moisture into the waterproof cover.

4. For about 35 degrees between the temperature, do not use in the hot springs.