Corporate Promotional Gift Ideas Designed To

Believe such experiences you have: a meeting or on a business trip. Organizers will send a copy of the corporate brand LOGO gifts. Most gifts like the chicken, discard without pleasure, for example, flows in various conference locations, but useless, looks beautiful but of no use of glass, Crystal mound shape machine making rough. Sometimes had a hard time seeing a Crystal gifts or engraving cylinders for vehicles but also good, want to do device, wait a minute, most of conspicuous gilded "limited" gift of beauty suffers, just forget about it. To press their own experience, most corporate gifts the last place to go is: home in a closet and then can't remember, constant cleaning and sold as rags or simply when the rubbish.
All times, gifts are social ties. Corporate gifts are enterprises in the business or business activities in order to improve or expand their visibility, increase market share, special order get higher sales and profits, is with the enterprise flag has a special meaning. But quite a few corporate gifts have bad plays such a role. Yang Mingjie design consultancy recently released a report design, taught through creative design, allow enterprises to build features through gifts in the minds of brand image and brand philosophy.
Yang Mingjie is one industry famous of products Designer, had any Germany Siemens design headquarters products Designer, has get three items Germany red points design award, and 2008 Asia most with influence design silver, more than 30 more items design award, 2007 founded design brand y-town, cooperation partners involved international Green organization, and Germany Audi, and Germany Bosch, and Sweden absolute vodka, and Switzerland Republika Wo Qi, and France EMTEC, and Switzerland ABB, both at home and abroad high-end brand.
Gifts, lacks taste taste
Yang Mingjie design consultancy market research found that many businesses would cost a lot of money purchasing a year gift, but the results are not satisfactory. Yang Mingjie believes that corporate gifts there are a few questions:
A gift single, just buy gifts available in the market, and then put a brand LOGO, not design exclusive gifts;
Second, gift category single only, such as pens, calendars;
Third, low-end gifts, not brands add to the enterprise, but subtraction of corporate brand.
Gift as a continuation character, shower gifts can measure the tastes, interests, and even the wisdom and skill. Corporate gift than a personal gift, play a more important role: as brand spokesperson and convey the enterprise customer's emotional: respect or indifference, care free; expression of corporate identity and culture: innovative or conservative, strict or lax. Promotion of market competition, attract customer attention, gather customer loyalty.