Coin Gift For The Gift Industry Market Vitality

What is a money gift? According to the explanation of China's high-grade gift network: coin gift coins as the main gift, can play a role in gifts, money gifts China gifts industry as new gifts, has been in hot pursuit of consumers. So, rise of coin gift will impact on gift industry development of China?
As has a long history of formal State, our gift industry for a long time, but with the changes in people's attitudes, consumers of gift selection has also undergone significant change, which is an increasingly high demand, China gifts tend to be diversified. In recent years, the coins appear as a new gift in the gift market, this has undoubtedly injected fresh blood into the traditional gift market, which led to the development of China's market.
High value coins gifts gifts new
According to data released by the China luxury gift network show: 2011 gift gift market coin sales in China accounted for more than 80%, but by 2012 that figure is climbing to 90%. Send money gifts have become among the most popular gifts. Coin gift gifts why preferred? It turns out that for many people, coin gift in a sense is not only a gift, but also a wealth, because coins today have a very high collection value, not as used up as other gift that is losing value.
"Coin gift as a gift, but it is of equal value and currency, and even some denominations higher than the price, and coin collection is a very elegant art, so send money gift is very popular in these days. "China gifts industry experts introduce Kong Linfei.
The great demand for coins gift brings industry vitality
Send money gift upsurge of greatly boosted China's rising demand for money gifts the gift market. High-grade gift network in China, as the largest and most authoritative luxury gift Web site, from 2012 to 2013 May coin gift sales with various editions have been ranked in the forefront of the other gifts, gifts, China and other luxury gifts such as network sales Web site, coin gift sales also rose.
It is understood that within the period of one year from the 2012-2013 domestic coin gift sales than in previous years, an increase of 40%, and this one, in particular, China sells the most network of luxury gifts and gifts network of China. Purchase money gift of white collar workers from lower-income groups are distributed to higher income at a high level leadership, but on the whole, buying coin gifts large proportion of high income groups.
Times are changing, in the development of society, giving modern people about it. Coin gifts China gifts industry as a new product, which stimulated the rapid development of the domestic market, and meet the people's gift-giving needs, it is two birds with one stone.