Cleaning Method Of Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad is a small computer configuration items, in life is too common, so you know the mouse pad is made of what material? What kind of function does it have? Let's go to the specifics.

The surface of the mouse pad has a small texture, which helps the photoelectric mouse to identify the moving track.

The mouse pad texture is soft, can reduce the bottom of the mouse wear.

The main material of the mouse mat has the following six kinds:

Traditional cloth, special cloth, synthetic resin material, glass material, metal material and coating category. These six kinds of material each has the characteristic, Mouse Pad the combination becomes our fondle admiringly mouse mat.

The factors affecting the sliding degree are the smoothness of the material itself, the shape of the surface texture and the arrangement way. This indicator is also the most important factor affecting the performance of the following indicators. The micro-operation of RTS games refers to the number of effective operations that players can accomplish in unit time. The more times, the lower the error rate, Mouse Pad the stronger the micro-operation ability.

Cleaning method of mouse pad

The cleaning method of the mouse pad is not as casual as clothes. When cleaning the mouse pad to take a basin of water will be wet after the mouse pad coated with a small amount of detergent, Mouse Pad pick an old toothbrush to gently scrub, the strength should be just right to remember not to force too strong, otherwise it is easy to damage the mouse pad, after such repeated cleaning of a new mouse pad is back in front of us.

Mouse Pad Note

The mouse pad is directly related to the slide of the mouse is smooth, Mouse Pad so the following precautions to be borne in mind.

1, the time to buy the mouse pad to see the surface of the mouse is made of what material, should not choose a more smooth surface, not conducive to the positioning of the mouse, inconvenient operation;

2, some mouse just added a wrist to the price will be high, Mouse Pad we do not blindly choose. That's not necessarily the ergonomic mouse pad;

Mouse Pad Note two

3, check the design of the mouse pad is normal, whether it is conducive to the movement of the mouse, Mouse Pad some design is not so reasonable, so we must buy the time to try it personally.

Mouse pad material variety, mainly glass, metal, plastic, synthetic, cloth and other materials such as mouse pad, such as: silicone material.

1. Mouse pad Material: cloth mouse pad

This is a relatively popular mouse pad products, its penetration rate is very high, low-cost, cheap, the production process is relatively simple, a meticulous cloth stick to a non-slip effect of a good rubber on the basic can come.

The cloth mouse mat divides into two kinds, Mouse Pad a kind of thin surface, one is rough, the two have different feel and application: rough surface in the control performance is good, and fine surface in moving speed has a good performance; the advantage of cloth mat is durable wear-resisting, the disadvantage is the mouse pad around easy to open, the impact of use.

2. Mouse pad Material: plastic material mouse pad

This is in addition to the cloth mouse pad, another more common material for the mouse pad.

The plastic material mouse pad is more smooth than the cloth mouse pad, Mouse Pad but it is more handy when used, but now the mouse pad of plastic material is gradually replaced by some synthetic material mouse pad. Plastic material of the mouse pad caused by smooth, stable control, affordable and other characteristics, Mouse Pad the main disadvantage is the poor wear resistance.

3. Mouse pad Material: synthetic material mouse pad

In the hand is better than plastic, but the main choice is also plastic, on its surface coated with some special materials, so that the mouse pad feel and positioning are high plastic mouse pad. The surface of the special coating in the smooth-slip is not worse than plastic material, Mouse Pad but in terms of the price than plastic material higher, feel good, positioning excellent, but the wear-resistant effect is not very good.

4. Mouse pad Material: Other materials

Metal material of the mouse pad is also quite concerned about, but its price relative to the previous several to be much higher, the use of the material mouse pad crowd for enthusiasts;

The glass material Mouse mat market is most rare, production is also less, Mouse Pad the price is more expensive. Glass material mouse pad performance, similar to the metal material, its smoothness is also good, appearance than other mouse pads more fashionable, but prone to broken problems, carrying is not very convenient.