Business Gift Industry Price Rise Trend And More Rational

On one hand, participate in promotional products more and more on the other, promotional products are no longer limited to small, large products has gradually been accepted by consumers and sold well, gift e-commerce market expanded further.
Sales to boost profits down
Therefore, from the current situation, is still the mainstream of traditional sales channels, but the advantage of e-commerce channels are still evident, compared with offline store, corporate gift business channels in customers, costs, prices and other aspects have the advantage. Cooperate with the electricity supplier can certainly expand dealers ' customers, and increase sales in a short time, but the decline in profits is the dealers do not want to see.
At present, the gift industry "electric shock" the biggest difficulty is how to balance the price of online and offline, traditional channels has formed a relatively complete supply chain, factory and dealer pricing, sales and profits have a tacit agreement. To break this pattern of stability, great natural contradictions. As a reseller, has devoted huge manpower and material resources in the early, lower prices on line, but for our service and after sale obligations have not diminished, so profit margins are less and less, which also allow dealers to pressure increase.
Prices begin to flatten transparent distribution system
All along, the gift market is there is no standard, no normative pricing system, and this ridicule. Price is not the final price of the products in the store, each seems to have its own internal discount. With the development of online e-commerce, product price will become more transparent, but consumers can directly contact the gift industry brand merchant, rendering the whole distribution system more flat, gift market product prices will become more rational.