Asian Countries Japan Customs Of Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

Looks on that Moon has at this time, to celebrate the festive season with friends. Lunar August 15, is the traditional Chinese Festival. Under the influence of Chinese culture, the Festival is South-East Asia and North-East Asian countries, especially those living in the local overseas Chinese traditional festivals. Although for the Mid-Autumn Festival, but national Mid-Autumn Festival gift customs different, diverse forms of placing people on life in conjunction with infinite love and longing for a better future.
Mid-Autumn Festival gifts and harmonious spirit under-glaze hand-painted vase
Japanese festival not to eat moon cakes
In Japan, lunar calendar August 15 festival called the "XV-night" or "Mid-Autumn Moon". The Japanese also have the custom of the full moon on this day, in Japanese called "evening." Japan's moon customs came from China, to more than 1000 years ago Japan Hou, began to enjoy dinner in the local custom, called "view month banquet." And eat mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival when Chinese people are different, Japanese eat jiangmituanzi on the Moon, called "evening dumpling." Due to various crops during the harvest season, to expressed gratitude for the favors of nature, the Japanese want to hold various celebrations. Japan after the Meiji Restoration abolished the lunar calendar to the Gregorian calendar, but Japan retains the custom of mooncake around, a number of temples and shrines in the Mid-Autumn Festival will host a special full moon, bearing gifts and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival has many similarities