Advertising Gifts Bruising Patterns: Do You Really ‘hurt’

Advertising benefits many companies have tried, but was and whether it was proportional to, but not to all. "Do it, may be wasted; don't do it, could be an effective way of advertising waste......" is an entrepreneur on whether or not to use advertising advertising complaints. "No matter what kind of ads are just burning money, SME like ours can't afford to burn, does and does not do, and I see no change. "" Our ad costs at least 50% is wasted, but I do not know where waste? "
Many enterprises is confused and disoriented.
Indeed, many advertising the final effect is a "waste of money". But behind this waste, largely from corporate advertising gifts, cognitive, dropped, there is bruising caused by planning. And this bruising is often not known to the company, or be ignored.
Bruising: the lack of understanding
Most SME owners, they often believe that advertising is big business thing, OK do their products and markets, advertising does not have to be. Don't you know that in the "wine is also deeply afraid of the alley" of the era, advertising has long been an important tool of marketing. In the commodity-rich, competitive market now, almost every enterprise and every product has a lot of competition. Companies want to sell their products, they must sell their products because consumers on new products and brand choice is very low.
United Kingdom advertising expert s? Britt had the importance of advertising to do a vivid metaphor: commodities do not advertise, as transmitted to the young girl in the shadows her eyes, affectionately known only to her.
Compared to other forms of advertising, advertising gifts more easily in the minds of target populations to build long-term and deep impression. In particular a set of novelty and singular features, technology and practicality in one of advertising gifts, more because of the audience's favorite long, image advertising, so as to publicize the role of Jones.
Thorn II: homogeneity of creative
Many business owners to save money, when the advertising gift promotional, often to the cost of money for the Center to find small companies do. These companies may not understand, nor the ability to do market research and product research, but according to your own experience or learning from the successful experience in the industry, Tiger to do the project. For example in the street can see bags napkin as advertising gift promotional products of different enterprises, practical utility, but the lack of new ideas, especially over and over again, repeatedly after using the outside in addition to practical, effective publicity is very small.
Homogenization of advertising gifts, not only to achieve their purposes, sometimes for others to do the wedding dress – customers receive advertising gifts, sometimes naturally think of original brand, and deepen the impression of it.
Thus, in an era of all types of advertising is pervasive, companies must be based on one's own advantage, product features, and unique dissemination, preferably groups designing different ads for different gifts, the only way to make customers remember you. In contrast, no special advertising gift, the end result would only be a waste of resources.