Folding Cups Are Excellent In Sealing

This is an ultra-portable sealed travel cup, when you do not need to use it can shrink it into a disk placed in the bag or pocket, cold drink hot drink, and easy to clean. At the same time this folding cup is very environmentally friendly, modeling can also be competent office and other non-outdoor places. Folding Cup Do not want to take it to a walk away travel ah!

With the improvement of living standards, we are increasingly advocating environmental protection. Travel, water is a must, buy bottled mineral water, will inevitably lead to plastic pollution, a lot of love also advocate healthy friends have the habit of bringing their own cups, Folding Cup but the water comes with big and very inconvenient , Today, miles of Lanyu for everyone to introduce a light, you can also fold the magic cup

Folding cups are made of food grade silicone with elasticity, 100% BPA-free. So it has a variety of features: scalable, no smell, light, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, environmental protection. Not only that, Folding Cup its cup is the choice of top stainless steel and the system, the security seal is excellent, do not worry about the cup into the bag, will leak out of the water.

Folding cup to use the method is very simple, when you want to use it, gently pull will become larger, twist twist can be reduced, the size can be adjusted, after folding the cup volume is only half the size of the original, the smallest and The maximum can be stored 300-600 ml of water, so it is very convenient to carry. So what other features does it have?

Summer, you can put it in ice water ice. It clever bottle design, Folding Cup just can be put into the normal size of the hollow ice, when you exercise after the drink cold water is really too comfortable.

Winter, Folding Cup you can also be filled with less than 60 ℃ hot water, carry, keep warm and thirsty correct.

Not only outdoors, que Bottle can also be used in the office as a cup of daily drinking water.

Light silicone material, making que Bottle not afraid to fall, not afraid of bumps, out on the ground to pick up still no effect.

After rigorous testing, you can repeatedly stretch shortened, do not worry about damage.

In addition, it is also easy to clean, support dishwashers, Folding Cup corrosion resistance is also good.

At present, this value and performance coexistence of the folding cup with blue, yellow, gray, black four color options, 20 ounces (about 1.1 pounds) and 12 ounces (about 0.68 pounds) two specifications optional, the price of 22 dollars (About 147 yuan) from.