New media age: the icing on the cake how to make a gift for your marketing?

How to select a gift? 2014 information fragmentation, mobile Internet is making our life dramatically changed. Businesses are embracing the Internet, as most link value of the gift industry is no exception. East of Beijing launched a gift purchase, using the data presented in the first in the industry one-stop gift giving solution. As Beijing gifts show founder, Reed Exhibitions China Group General Manager of Guangyuan Yang said, the gift industry is undergoing unprecedented changes, enterprises want to gift to enhance value of marketing must proceed from the demand, excavated from the fragmented and mobile users will be characterized by gifts change the general trend.
To put it bluntly, gift-giving was a "by themselves and that" market, it can be said to be a psychological play mind games. Now for business gifts are useful categories: daily classes, Terminal promotion class, business class, or an online interactive classes uses different selection criteria and principles are not the same. New marketing age, gift how selected? what kind of gift is appropriate can impress you! we today may wish to talk about this topic from a marketing perspective.
Daily classes: "" light ""
Daily communication in the enterprise class Act refers, in its business dealings and its upstream and downstream industry chain, the chain of relations between the end-consumer. Broad terms also include internal employee benefit and shape the corporate culture and other aspects of content, that is, we often say that the external customer visits and internal employee benefits; while the two different uses, but from the budget, delivery of the purposes and the satisfaction of the recipient party to consider. Thinking of gift selection is usually from the abstract to the concrete, the direction from high to low, from wide to narrow, characteristic from the mass to the trend.
Took customer visit for, a copies intimate of gift can promote exchange strengthened emotional communication, more to analysis customer features and for targeted of select; if customer is a elderly, on sent some nutrition, and health of gift, such both can displayed on customer of care, and will let customer was gift of practical; if customer is a young of men, you can to he leather, and pen, and watches,, such of gift both decent generous, and losing distinguished and grade; if customer is a career of mature women, You can give her consistent with its identity and temperament of handbags, cosmetics and so on, not only comply, will shorten the distance between you and the customer.
If you think it does not highlight your "good faith" or company has stringent price requirements for gifts, that might otherwise use "1+1" custom, in other words the gift may be the gift, you just need to put emotion in the present on the basis of secondary innovation. Like new year issued welfare, 3,500 yuan of gift to employees, employees may not has what special of feel, but if you put gift sent to employees have parents, and in each copies gift within attached a President autograph signature of cards "you of children in we company is excellent also is excellent, one years to you of children out playing spell, but we and he are no forget you of raising of en. New year is coming, I, on behalf of XXX company and sending most sincere wishes for you. "Believes that every employee will promote goodwill by a mile.