Gift form and content reflects the giver personality

Gift is like a mirror, where you can see the vanity and miserliness, frivolous and waves for free, wisdom and humor, kitsch and unselfish, attaches paramount importance to the Chinese are a people gifts, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese new year, getting married, having a baby, birthday, housewarming, business, graduation, and so on, in accordance with the customary, people are giving way to congratulate him.
However, not friends and family with this happy event, immediately ready to gift. Some people with the blessing, but the host doesn't much-pilloried in the phenomenal amount of gift-giving instead of wrong. According to the fashion of the local customs. Usually, when your relatives and friends to the wedding celebration, also must wait for notification of the other party or issued invitations.
Gift form and content reflects the giver's personality.
Gift's main aim is to bring joy to people. Many people think that gift giving is a burden, to settle this matter, in order to prove that he is a person with good manners. Such people always called into action was in a hurry to run to the store, buy a gift. They wrapped presents, stuffed into the Royal's hand and said a few words of congratulations, even if everything is cross. Recipients then gift where it was dull, they don't care. Because they are doing their duty---gifts.
There is also a "giver", they want their gifts to confirm if they were very rich, to show off in front of everyone. Another type of person who, when they are giving, always consider the other person is able to return, they would only give presents to people who they think they can return.