2016 corporate customized gifts how to plan in the second half, and select

Is the key to business in the second half of the year, expanding markets, Sprint performance, planned next year, in addition to improving employee motivation, but in order to open the market, activity gifts are essential for the second half, according to five years of gift experiences, friends combed custom gift options and experiences.
First, corporate anniversary gifts
Enterprise annual celebrates can said is enterprise one years to most important of celebration Conference, recalled past prospect future, except company all employees also to invited important of cooperation partners or led,, annual celebrates Shang if just for a summary, and performances several program, and sent a bonus will is compared boring, some enterprise may take annual celebrates do some products class of promotions feedback activities, except these enterprise custom some printing has company LOGO of gift, sent and guest, and customer and employees, Display their brand value and expand the influence of the company shows its strength is very necessary, anniversary gift suggestions of price is not too expensive, simple easy to carry on the business the best price at ~200 Yuan, 100 Yuan.
Second, promotion gift
Main function is to increase the focus on corporate promotion gifts, to send with pins, if just a product discount customers may not buy it, might also affect customers of price's questions prior to purchasing products, if you customize a number of interesting gift (company LOGO printed on) for free, and may produce different results.
Third, reward customers gifts
Visit old customer is enterprise will do of thing, consolidation and old customer of relationship, let customer turned introduced, sales performance up to to points cover surface of effect, development a new customer enterprise by pay of time and energy is maintenance a old customer of 5 times times above, so maintenance old customer is stable enterprise performance of cornerstone, feedback old customer gift recommends to featured, according to enterprise itself strength can selected price in 100 Yuan ~500 Yuan Zhijian of gift, for customer carry carry or in home using of compared good.
Four, year-end gifts
Annual meeting, many enterprises are mainly the year a summary of the company, also major gifts are for internal staff, general business gifts be set up a few notches, not many products need, short paragraph is much less, which many HR departments work more of a headache. Recommended corporate year-end gift to plan ahead, because suppliers orders at the end of tense, less manufacturers operate not in stock, so companies can gift these activities prepare months in advance, and does not appear when looking for, a single online purchase prices are not low, direct customization can also save a lot of costs to the enterprise.
In short, enterprise custom gift suggestions to plan in the second half, custom cycle 20 days ~30 days, if interim decision time is in no hurry, gift choice hasty, might end up making activities are not ideal.